Mobile and Tablet Devices

Mobile Phones Are The New King Of The Jungle

A device that has evolved through times, from a bulky buttoned huge machine to a small device with smart software that doesn’t even require touching. While the main function of the device is talking, the expectations from the device increased incrementally too. Today we can’t think of a phone without a camera or internet connection.

Internet connection is what opened to a new era for mobile phones. When people discovered it is a huge market, they started developing websites for mobile connection. Then followed with mobile applicable applications and extensions, this is where all the mobile market started to change and revolved around creating applications for mobile phones.

The Unchallenged Force Desktop’s

While mobile devices have some advantages, desktops will always be a powerful force and irreplaceable. The reason is it can use a large space to its advantage in many ways, such as cooling, bigger parts for more power and not requiring a secretive design just like mobile devices. Which brings another topic to the table, being more affordable, desktop systems will always be cheaper with an equally powerful mobile device. Mobility concept adds lots of complications to the design wherein you wouldn't need to worry even for a bit of it in desktop.

One of the huge advantages desktops have is that their parts are mostly changeable very easily. If you are unhappy with the performance of one of the components in your desktop or it is broken, not working as intended, it is pretty easy to replace. The replacement pieces also easy to find and there is a huge market for it, it won’t be wrong if we say the whole market is revolving around desktops if not the majority of it al the very least.

Jack Of All Trades Tablet

It is an in-between version of a desktop and mobile, there are lots of things you can do easier on them compared to desktop or mobile, due to its lightweight and size. But it is worth to note that it's not the best of both worlds, it doesn’t have the power to beat a desktop counterpart for the same price, nor it is ok to walk around with a tablet to talk with as in mobile phones.

Tablets are versatile devices and here is some example on different purpose they produced for.

Mini tablet, is identical to a standard tablet but with made with lesser specifications compared to normal counterparts, it was a size-power balance mostly but also some of these devices were just produced for reading on them as an e-book.

2 in 1 PC’s which is a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop PC, they have physical components such as keyboards but it is concealable and turns in to a tablet.

Gaming tablet, gaming is a big push factor in computation devices, that is creating a demand on every type of personal device this is a need for this factor.

Customized Business tablets are devices that solve both a hardware and software problem at once. It becomes very popular pretty fast in many work areas due to its easy software implications, being lightweight and small in size’s many businesses adapted this feature.