Web Browsers

Introduction To Internet Browsers
Internet Browsers are software that lets you get in touch with information and documents on the World Wide Web (WWW). Basically, the working system of this application is like following, a user requests to visit a website, the web browser accesses the required data from a web server and then displays the resulting website on the user’s computer.

Google Chrome
It is cross-platform between a web browser and web apps. Currently, according to the 2019 data from StatCounter, Google Chrome is the most used web browser with a percentage of 71% worldwide. The reason it becomes this much used was the minimalistic user interface that is easily readable and adaptable by most of the people. It is also worth to mention the search bar and address bar merge was a huge step in the right direction that lifted some complicity from the browser UI's and the rest of them followed the same principle.

Apple Safari
Following chrome with being second in the market, Safari is working on a different operating system, and it is limited under one brand, unlike chrome’s public policy. Which this approach brings both good and bad with it, the good side is there are fewer treats that are for an OS operating system, so users can have less of a problem. Safari was first released on the iPhone in 2007 and was pushed on to be used on every Apple product which has access to the internet.

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox was created to be a free and open-source web browser, to utilize the user needs better with the features that can be added or removed. For the period when this browser created, the features were huge compared to the ones in the market. Some of them are add-ons, extensions, themes, tabs, a search box that used Yahoo!, spell checking was the prime of the examples.

UC Browser
It is the currently most growing web browser in Asia, India and Indonesia are some of the biggest users among many others. It is a web browser that is designed for mobile internet users. The most important thing that differs this company from others is that it acts as a proxy and allows data compression when servers sending a webpage to the user, which results in faster connection speeds for users.

Opera Mini
It is a mobile web browser, that was first created as Opera on a personal computer. Opera Mini is currently only developing for Android and iOS operating systems. It is using its proxy servers to compress the requested page by 90% and sends it 2 to 3 times faster than a normal buffering.

Internet Explorer
It goes back to 1995, and since then they have developed many versions of IE for different operating systems. It was once peaked at 95% most used web browser in 2003.

Microsoft Edge
It is the latest Microsoft branded browser. It is using Google’s open-source blink and V8 rendering engines. It has a large variety of apps in its store, but it is also possible to download almost every chromium-based extensions. While Internet Explorer is being 5th and edge being 4th most used browsers since they are from the same brand when the gains combined, they are overtaking the 3rd place.

Opera Browser
It is a freeware web browser, that differentiates itself by the distinctive user interface and other features it provides. Some of the features that we know in every browser are originating from the Opera browser, like speed dial, pop-up blocking, re-opening recently closed pages, private browsing, and tabbed browsing.

Yandex Browser
Yandex browser has components and ideas from every other brand, considering it’s one of the youngest in the market it was a smart move to follow what was successful before him. On top of that, he is using a unique security system, the browser checks webpage security with the downloaded files with Kaspersky anti-virus.